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Had one of THOSE runs!!

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W8R3....didn't really feel like it this morning but thought ' no you'll feel better for it!'

Well every niggle niggled louder, each muscle threatened mutiny and my breathing developed emphysema like quality!!

But.....I finished! Though my week 8 has a glitch and when Laura starts to say slow down now you've done it, she suddenly stops and I see I still have 49secs left!!

Happy Sunday everyone xx

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Well done for getting out there anyway! I had a run that felt tougher for no real reason today - it just seems to happen sometimes! Looks like you are still on target for finishing before Christmas! Won't that be fantastic!😀

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Keep at it...it will be so worth it.

I graduated yesterday and had a lot of the kind of days you describe..Remember, as the quotation goes..." That which does not kill us makes us stronger"... and there were some days, when I was not sure which way it would go! :

Graduation for Christmas... Yeay :)

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We all get run days like that, it's par for the course, and I'm sure you'll have them again. It's just great that you got out there and did it. Always turn out for your run, you'll always be pleased that you did. Unless the weather is dangerous I might add!

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Runs like that often come from starting out too fast, I think subconsciously we just want to get it over as fast as possible! Well done for sticking with it, not long now....

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SarahFoxGraduate in reply to Curlygurly2

I think u might b right!

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