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Week 8 -Calf pain

Half way through my first run this week I got pain at the muscles at the top of one of my calves, so I stopped and walked home. I'm stretching out the muscle and I'm not feeling it anymore when I walk. Does anyone know how long I should wait until I start running again and what I could do to prevent it happening again? I've had my gait checked and decent trainers.



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A few weeks back I tore my calf muscle, took two weeks off (I was lucky because they said it could be a mimimum four week recovery) did lots of raising, ice, stretching and touch wood I haven't had any problem with it since, although I had a few little niggles the day after the first few runs back in. Maybe take a few days off, keep stretching and give it another try, it could just be feeling the pressure. If it feels swollen take a couple of ibuprofen, however, I should say at this point I'm not a doctor so what do I know!!

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Cheers, will take it easy for a few days and give it another go at the w/e


Take a week or so off. Try and find the reason for this pain.I had similar pain but discovered that it was the new shoes that i had. could be your shoes. Try this link for exercise. All the best no rush plenty of time


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