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little niggle... Heel!?

A-up folks!?

Had a 5 day break as I managed to tweak something in my left foot. Ironically, it had been the right heel that had been bothering me. I'm starting to think I've done a little damage to my Achilles as I get a sharp, burning pain in my foot when I try and stretch my calf. The pain is pretty much where your heel touches the floor localised to the right side. It's not sore in the morning (so I was kinda ruling out plantar fasciitis, I'm I wrong?) or to walk on but the minute I raise my toes to the ceiling to stretch, ouch!

Any advice?! I've got it on ice...


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There are loads of bones in the foot, so if you're worried go see the doc. If you don't think you broke anything then ice and rest and elevation of course. Anti-inflammatory painkillers when you're at rest. Don't let it go on an on. If it's not right then see the doc


Cheers, pretty much exactly what I'd been thinking. Don't want to be doing damage.


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