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5k Race for Life Done!

5k Race for Life Done!

Yay I did my race for life yesterday and finished in 37 mins! Super super impressed with myself!

Was quite uneven and on grass which I've not trained on so the bits of pavement were a welcome godsend to my hip flexor which was giving some jip!

Considering I couldn't run a minute a few months ago I still can't quite believe I've done it!

Have an injury now from that hip so will need to take it easy as have another 5k in a fortnight and have also signed up for one in October!

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Oh goodness, take care! Don't sign up for too much if you're in pain with your hip. Doing too much too soon is not a good idea so soon into your running

Well done on your race though! Huge congratulations, and bling!!! 37 minutes! Get you. Brilliant!


Thank you! Hip seems good today so I think the hills were the culprit and I just overstretched phew!!


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