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Hamstring problems - Week 7

As someone totally new to running I had been feeling so proud of myself working through the weeks and then last Friday my right hamstring felt really tight about halfway through my 25 min run and I had to stop and walk for a bit as I was worried I would make it worse. After about 5 mins of walking I ran until Laura told me I'd finished and completed the warm down walk. I took the weekend off running and just did an hours easy cycle on Sunday with no issues. I played an hour of tennis on Monday evening and the hamstring felt sore towards the end so I took Tuesday off. I set out for my run last night and had to stop after 5 minutes as my right hamstring felt so tight and sore I was worried I would make it worse. I can't believe that I am disappointed to not be able to run! It does not seem to be general tight hamstrings as surely they would both feel the same, but this is definitely only the right one. I have entered the R4L and the end of the month so it is not a good time to just stop running as that was my main goal.

Any advice gratefully received.

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I would do a bit of self massage and some yoga stretches. Keep moving ☺ i am no doctor. I think you'll be fine. Your body is probably just protesting at the new exercise


An hour of tennis with plenty of short sprints and jumps from side to side sounds like it could be quite hard on your hamstrings and quads. You may want to schedule your runs so that you don't run the day after tennis.

As Miss W says, stretches. Stretches, stretches and then some more stretches. And you might want to add some squats to strengthen your leg muscles.

I would be inclined to rest (no cycling, no tennis, no strenous leg activity) today and then give it a go with a gentle run on Friday. If it still hurts, then make an appointment with a physio or a doctor.


Thanks very much. I've rested today and will have another try tomorrow.


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