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Finished week 8 - hard today!

This is my first post but I have been reading lots of posts here to keep me motivated - especially before my first "scary" 20 minute run!

I finished week 8 today and am pleased with myself but I did find today's run one of the toughest and felt a bit dizzy/sick when I finished. However, I think this might have been hunger (I ran at 6am before work and hadn't eaten since a light meal at 6pm last night) as once I had eaten some cereal I felt okay although I am a bit headachey a few hours later. Drinking lots of water so that should help.

Looking forward to the next 3 runs and to graduating just need to make sure I have fuel in me first!

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I prefer to run before breakfast, just have a glass of water. I remember getting to wk7 and feeling sick towards the end of each run, but put it down to the fact that I was pushing myself more than ever before. I took some polo mints out with me on runs to stave off the nausea if necessary, but never actually used them - they were my 'comfort blanket'! I don't take them any more, and hopefully your sickness will disappear too as your body gets used to the extra work. Good luck with your final week! :)

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