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Not meant to be

Well first time I tried c25k was a massive fail, second time I got shin splints, third time, my buggy needs a new tyre and no money to buy a new one and no child care for me to run, my normal pushchair is far too heavy to run with as well 😥 I was feeling so positive that I could actually do it this time with the right equipment, but seems not, I really don't know what I'm going to do or how to get round this problem

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Freegle may well be your friend here if you put out a request for a new tyre. Or a lightweight buggy.


It *is* meant to be, Katie. If you can find a way to solve the problems, the success will taste so much sweeter. Go on. You *can* do it.


My mum bought me a new tyre, I'll continue with 30 days to a stronger you, we'll go to a farm Saturday with the boy, and Sunday ive got hockey practice, Monday a long walk and my tyre should be here by Tuesday to continue with c25k. And I've lost 5lb already which Im pleased and kept me motivated

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