Quad problem 😕

Please could I get some advice on the pain in my leg? I ran the 20 minute run over a month ago, and I think pulled one of my quads. It wasn't too bad at the time, I continued with W6R1 the next week, but wow, that hurt, couldn't finish it. Rested for a week, and then did a really gentle run which went well, but still ached a tiny bit. Rested for another week, did W6R1 again, but oh my, I could barely walk the next day...the pain even gave me a restless night,and limped around at work. That was four days ago now, and walking our dog today was not pain free. Should I be doing very gentle walks to strengthen the muscle or resting? The pain is at the front of my thigh, going up towards the groin. I've fortunately never pulled a muscle before and being a complete novice I don't know what to do for the best. Any advice would be grateful please? Thanks.


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4 Replies

  • Really sorry to hear that Jax. Rest is the best thing together with an ice-pack or frozen peas. If you are still in discomfort after a week it would be best to seek professional help.

    When you are healed, sumo squats are a great exercise for strengthening that area.

  • Thanks Dunder for this.

  • I'm on the injury couch at the moment with a calf injury.

    Sports injury recommendation is compression and no running for 2 weeks. That's after a session of physio.

    So I would recommend a visit to a physio.

    We have self referral to the NHS physiotherapist service were I live. Well worth it.

  • Wow, a self referral, I've not heard of this around here, but, hey, I've not needed it before. Well worth an enquiry..thank you.

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