Sudden realization... it is going to be my second half marathon!

Yes, I suddenly realized that I did a half marathon ages ago - I reckon 1978 more or less - only it wasn't called that, and if i remember well I probably jogged the firts 2 k and then walked all the way - but I do remember which friends I did it with!

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  • When are you doing it ? Will it be here or back in Italy? Also when?

    Great pics !! I like the chap with the tracky bottoms on with shorts over the top. It looks like a lot of people were walking it judging by the clothes, but that's a great idea. The more the merrier. We should have more walking marathons.

  • In two weeks time - the course is beautiful, hard start so def going to walk up to the top of that hill and only then start running - next year I'll do better! :)

    I have to say that I wouldn't love it back in Milan... as you said the scenery is going to be the thing that will keep me going!

    The one in Milan when i did it ( at the time of those black and white pics) was really a walk around the city for fun - apparently now the HM is only for professional (or athletes in a club, while they do 10 and 5 k for everyone

  • Hello Pigivi! Just to wish you luck for your HM and say that those photos of Milan are amazing. Especially for me No 19 .... Seems a shame the wonderful spirit of the original "exercise" (friendly Milanese crackpots!!!!) has been shouldered out over time in favour of proper athletes :-)


    Hello MissW! This could be a link to a Salisbury walking marathon event you might like which I thought looked brilliant ... Started as a walking marathon and morphed to include runners ... 5 rivers, 3 large country estates, 2 castles, 1 cathedral and, ermmmm, can't think of the number 4 thingie!

  • I think it's a wonder thing to be doing, and excluding the masses seems daft. Runners get loads of opportunity to do their thing

    I'll have a look at the Salisbury thing Bo. Thanks!

  • Great stuff! Bantry Bay! That's where all the delish mussels come from isn't it. Mmmm

    You'll have a great time!

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