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RUNNING - Michael Douglas

A little known movie featuring Michael Douglas

Come in 10 parts on Youtube --

Part 1 --

"Michael Douglas has a big resume of some classic films such as "Wall Street", "Fatal Attraction", and "Romancing the Stone", but few people know of his starring role in this 1979 gem "Running". In the film Douglas plays a soon to be divorced dad who can't get his life together because he is obsessed with running in the Olympics. Susan Anspach plays his soon to be ex-wife, and Eugene Levy of "American Pie" and the television series "SCTV" co stars as his best friend. It's such a shame that Michael Douglas is currently suffering from cancer(2010). In "Running" he can be seen in tip top shape and healthy as can be. "

Something for when you are "resting!! " :)

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