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Week 7 concludes!

Week 7 concludes!

Just got back from my third run of the seventh week. This newfound love for running, and forming this habit has had very positive effects in life and I am very thankful for that. Coming to the forums has been a tremendous help and with all the information and advice around here, I'd like to think I am shaping up to be a complete runner. Although it's in the distant future I am planning for a Half Marathon in December that I'd like to run.

Is this transition possible?

For now I am only focused on completing the program which I am confident that I will by the end of April.

Now now, in the last post I had mentioned about the new shoes. Without further ado,

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Wow that's a nice early run!! Well done :)

A half marathon in December? That's some challenge! But of course you can do it :) you seem to have a good positive attitude, with a good training plan I'm sure you'll be just fine... Good luck and keep us posted :)


that's really inspiring to read - thank you! I'm just about to go out on w7r1 and dithering over it.

You've given me hope that week 7 is possible.

Good on you for completing it :)

cool shoes by the way!


If you're young and fit, and put in the practice sessions, then it would be do-able but if you're new to running you have to balance the desire and enthusiasm with not overdoing things and getting hurt. Keep going steadily, slowly but surely. A half marathon could be done by run/walks just like C25k. Lots of folks do it that way but they get round.

You'll know nearer the time of the race whether your're going to nail it or not. Early days for talk of that yet though. Concentrate on finishing C25k for now

Good luck!


True! I like to aim for the stars, as they say :)

I live a typical sedentary lifestyle where I log in at least 10 hours in front of a computer everyday. I don't know whether I can call myself fit, certainly a stone or two to lose on this side. Things will certainly fall in place at the right time, like you said. Thanks for the reply!


Yay, you can absolutely keep going since you have the right training in place. Just remember to go slow at the beginning and build a nice, steady rhythm. How's the weather in France? :)


Oops. Seems like I missed the "back from hols" post. :D

How did the run go?


hi. w7r1 went ok thanks. not sure how i'm making it round my route without walking but i keep on going. slow, slow, slow but sure!!


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