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Why is this so hard

So, on my third attempt at the C25K (finished both times but operations stopped me in my tracks). I had hoped to finished by the end of Feb but I got Ill at week 6 and then various work things cropped up including a some travel, and then the weather was dire and then I went overseas for a short while for work, and so bang went the plan.

Anyway, decided not to start again as I am out of the country for a month from next week and realistically am tied up with work until June, incuding another overseas trip (that one being stuck in a room for 5 days training people in a country where you can't rally go out alone as a woman).

But I did pop out today and despite a 2 month break managed a slow 10 mins without dying. I am going to try and do some short jogs until I go (hopefully daily) and then restart from week 4 or something when I am back. I think this is probably the last of my overseas trip for several years but when the opportunities for travel come, I'm not going to turn them down :0)

I have missed getting out in the fresh air and am cross I got too sick to continue the programme (overwork and stress plus a stinker of a cold). I am determined to try to make time for regular exercise but it is so hard and as I have no one to push me out the door, or moan at me if I don't eat properly or take regular exercise, it's far too easy to let work take over totally (keeps me busy and I mostly love my job anyway).

Does anyone know of a site where there is support for people like me: one where I need to check in a bit like weight watchers to encourage me. I joined a gym but then restarted this and not once did anyone contact me to see why I wasn't going. I ned a place with some accountability (no running club will have me as I can't do 30 mins and I genuinely don't have anyone I could Jog with)

Sorry for the long post.

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Why not go to WW!!!! I go and I love it. It's a blast!

You don't need a slimming class though to lose weight or get fit. You can do it. You can if you try. You have to change your mindset. Get yourself into a more positive frame of mind. You don't have to eat badly or neglect your health and fitness because you have a busy life. It's a question of priorities

Now the weather is on the up would be a good time to start turning things round. Go for a jog in the park. Go for a walk. Just break the cycle of being fed up. Work is not everything. By the sounds of it you need to tear yourself away from your desk a bit more. You can combine work with a healthy body. Lots of folks do. Your work will be all the better for it if you're well motivated, happy and healthy

You only have to do it rather than keep talking about it

Sorry to nag by the way. Nag in chief I am! Here's a hug instead ((((((())))))


I'd start now even though you have a trip booked. It doesn't have to be running - walking is good at this time of year with the buds bursting on the trees and the bunnies a-hopping! And why not buy a pilates or aerobics-style dvd and load it onto your smart phone or laptop for when you're away so you can do a few workouts in your hotel room? That way you'll feel as though you're doing something exercise-wise which I bet will lift your mood and reintroduce the exercise ethic into your life. If the hotel you stay in has a gym, you could do something in there as well?

Keep coming on this forum - we're not so exclusive that we won't talk to you just because you're not running at the moment. Just log in every now and then and tell us what you ARE doing not what you're NOT doing!


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Everything MissW said is great as always. I appreciate you are going through a difficult time and it IS difficult getting out of the door sometimes. But even if its just for the 10 mins like you did before, soon as you get out once, you can do it again and again and before you know it you will just MAKE time. Just bring your determination back and you will find the time no doubt. When you are abroad, especially in said countries, perhaps they have gyms or fitness clubs there you can try, you will feel so much better for it. I think its a vicious circle in your head, but soon as you get yourself out even if its for a few mins because time is tight, you will feel so much better and it will be like a load of your shoulder. And most importantly don't underestimate your efforts when yo do make it out, it all counts!

Good luck, you can.

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Every exercise you take is good, and you get benefits from it the same day. So the knowledge that there will be a break in the future shouldn't stop you from getting out there today and tomorrow. I think this is important - once in the "I never get it done"-mindset, it's far to easy to envisage all the obstacles in the future and let them stop you from doing the right thing today. So don't wait for WW or the magic exercise-tracking website: Go out there for a run. Today. You will feel great for it.

The DVD idea is good, but you could go even more old-school like that. Get an exercise book out from the library, learn a handful of the exercises, and then do them in your hotel room when you're travelling.

And please come back here and tell us how you're doing. We love to hear from you :)

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What all of the others said, they are so right :)

Also, try the Strength and Flex podcasts, they are with Laura too, and you do them 3 times a week, and you can do them indoors. They will be helpfull in their own right, and they will definately help your running too.

Try to fit running and walking periods into your callender schedule them in the same way that you schedule your work, it's good to have a plan, and to stick to it. Health of mind and body is at least as important as work. In fact they go hand in hand, as the fitter and healthier you are, the more capable you will be at your work :)

I find that getting out of the door can be a viscious cycle, the less I do it, the more difficult it becomes to do it. Fortunately, it works the other way too, the more I do it, the easier it becomes to do it.

Make a plan, stick to it. Don't make your training plans too ambitious, you need it to become a pleasure and not a chore. That way it will become something that you look forward to.

Keep coming back to this forum, let us know your progress, and how you feel about it. Your achievements will help to inspire others :)


Not much to add because everyone's said it so well already, but I'd say this forum is THE place I find my motivation. Try to get outside every day - even if it's for a brisk walk if you don't have the time or the environment to run. All activity is good for you, even if it's not running, and whatever it is, you are running rings around the 'other you' (if that makes sense). It helps me to take just one day - and one run - at a time, without projecting too far into the future, because I may look at the idea of running 28 minutes and be tempted to drop it all. Hang on in there!


Just wanted to say a huge thanks for this.

I decided that I needed to sort a holding week so today I did W6r1 and had something to eat before I went out - I didn't yesterday (silly).

I will take a days rest then try r2 and then with luck I can do r3 before I head off. My plan is to then do the whole thing again when I get back and then pick up in June.

Wish me luck.

By the way I.l be walking a lot when I'm away although have several very long flights and a lot of time differences to deal with. I will take my trainers for some of my trips though just case...I'll be in New York for a few days so maybe Central Park (would that be safe?)


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