Week 9, run 2, tiny bit faster, further and more confident

I'm setting endomondo alongside the podcast, and using the 1k, 2k, 3k etc 'laptimes' to gauge my speed. It's really helping, as I can reassure myself I'm going 'at the right pace' - i.e. the same as or slightly faster than last time. I can see how this helps people achieve competitive results. For me, it's more a guide to help me learn how I run the most comfortably, to keep track of my speed at the different points of the run. (I hear the 2k laptime soon after Laura announces I've run for 15 mins - this is about right for me at the moment.)

Certain landmarks help me too. In the beginning I was always over the first bridge and up to the first lock before Laura announced I'd done 5 minutes. These days I'm never at the bridge yet. This is because of my new system of starting slow, which really helps me keep a comfortable pace for the whole 30min. At the end of my route there are 2 bridges which I aim to reach in the final 60 seconds. I aim to be able to see the first bridge, or to reach the first bridge, or to see the second, or to reach the second. As I've increased the looped part of my run to make my route longer, these two bridges get harder to reach. But today I reached the first bridge (having only been able to 'see' it on Monday), making my run 3.86k (further than Monday's 3.71). So if I get far enough to see the 2nd bridge on Friday I'll definitely have improved. But I think if I reach the second bridge I'll have done 4k, here's hoping :)

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  • Nearly there! Friday will be a walk in the park (or next to the canal!)

  • or a run?? up the canal, round a park and then back down the canal these days :)

  • Progress! And just one run to go!

  • Thanks, it feels pretty cool getting to this point! I will be endorphins central on Friday.

  • Great RCR, You can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Hope you have a fantastic graduation run.

  • Thanks OG, I'm actually looking forward to it :)

  • That's the way to approach it, I'm sure you will be smiling. :-)

  • good luck for Friday. I think endorphins get you round on the Graduation Run. You will reach that second bridge. Happy Running :)

  • We are at the same point, I think - I did wk 9 run 2 today.

    Still not quite managing 5k, but I could see the 5k marker and I was so nearly there. Nearly totally collapsed in a heap, too, though!

    I'm going to go out again on Friday and see if I can push myself to make it - I think if I don't achieve the goal within the 30 mins I might see if can keep running for another minute or so to complete the course.

    tbh, I can't quite believe I've made it this far.

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