Following recommendations from other graduates I gave this podcast a go this morning. I started with the Stepping Stone one. The first thing I discovered is that I'm not a very rhythmic person! I found keeping in time to Laura's 1,2,3,4 chants quite a challenge. It was also a much slower pace than I've been running which is interesting as I thought I was slow before. The pace does increase gradually over the 30 mins but my average pace was still only 7:08min/km as opposed to 6:25min/km on my precious run. I carried on past the 30 mins and completed 5k in 35:48 mins. Although slower I am glad I did this as it definitely reminds you of technique- relax shoulders, look ahead etc. The next one is a Speed one so I will try that some time this week.

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  • Well done jenny. I found I was taking smaller steps yet I still covered more distance. It's the structure I liked :) J

  • Just keep running them and you will get it. They are a good tool and will take you to the next level

  • I use these all the time and find them a bit "ploddy" at the time, but next run you'll notice the difference. I feel much lighter on my feet and really have more staying power... stick with them, they work!

  • Hi- do you repeat these podcasts and do your own runs in between? I'm trying to decide the most effective way to use them to build up my stamina and speed.Am I right in thinking there are only the 3 podcasts available in this series?

  • Yes there are only three.. I usually do one or other of them each week, depending on which I fancy, then I do a "maintenance" 5K, and a longer run.. last week's long one was just under 12KM.

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