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New to running

Hi. I am looking at starting the couch to 5k programme. I have recently started jogging at my local gym.. I have looked at the weekly podcasts but non of them really advise at what speed to jog at..

I can manage 3 minutes running at 7.8kmph, 3 minutes walking etc. Is this too fast to start with? I can only just about breath :-)

Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks

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Hi Emms, the idea is that you should have enough breath to hold a conversation while running. I run on my own so I haven’t actually tried this. This programme is all about extending the time you can run non-stop, not how fast you are going.


Hi Breezie.

Thanks for the advice..i definately need to slow down in that case..i was gasping


Be kind to yourself, this is all about building up stamina. Slow and steady will still give you the fitness gains as you increase the intervals. If you find you’re not really tired at the end of a run you can always put it up a notch next time.


I think somewhere Laura says you should be doing a 'light jog' i.e. slow. The idea of the programme is to get you running for 30 mins. This can be at a snails pace as long as you are doing a running motion. Once you have properly got the hang of running, then you can try speeding up if you want to. As breezie says, you should be able to talk and run at the same time. Good luck !

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Pacing is important, you should run at a pace that you can hold for all the runs, that means slow and steady for most of us starting out. (and for some of us still!) You feel more of a sense of achievement if you finish each session than if you can't finish due to starting off too fast.


It's all about going at a speed that means you can keep running for the whole time of each phase. I've just finished the couch to 5k series and managed to get from running 1min to running 30 mins without at any idea how fast I'm going. I just know it's not very fast! A gentle jog.


I started my C5K last week and as a first time jogger I was advised by the gym (I'm doing mine on treadmill rather than outside due to previous injury) to go at a nice slow pace until I build up my stamina and confidence. I was running between 3.5 and 4 last week so will stick with that again this week and see how it goes. Like others say I'd rather go slower and manage the times than run out of steam too quickly. Good luck. Have your music sorted at it makes the time pass so much easier.


Hi, put a towel over the digital speed display so you can't see it and then find a pace that suits you. Take the towel off when the podcast as finished. It's not about speed, it's about running for 30mins. There is another podcast for when you have completed this one to help speed you up your pace. Hope this helps. Mel.


On the treat mill, for me 4.5km/h is a casual walk, 6km/h a brisk walk, jogging is 7.5km/h and over 8km/h is slow running.



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