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Pinto here - you'll never guess what!!!

Pinto here - you'll never guess what!!!

I decided we should stop for a rest at the stables on our trip to see the mystic healers of the south. Also I felt it would be noble (I'm trying to achieve 'noble' to be like TS) to not just cast Unstable Lad, AA and Aloysius aside.

Anyway when I got back there was a fine party going on. This is how it is -

AA has admitted to being dozzer19 - it seems he was ashamed to do so having been found in such a state of apathy and idleness. Since I went it seems he's been a bit of a party animal. Not apathetic but still idle.

They've been having tea and biscuits for morning coffee, afternoon tea and as a post-prandial treat in the evening. The whole point of post-prandial is that you do it after eating, not just continue eating. It seems that what I thought was JDs the drink, is actually JDs the biscuits - no wonder he's a chubster again.


There's a reason Unstable Lad is as he is - he's a Stable Lass!!! All her hair was up in her headscarf! As Pinto obviously I'm not very good at telling these things. I always thought his/her features were a bit dubious for a boy but now it all seems clear.

So, back to the party we came across. AA (dozzer19) was quaffing his tea, Unstable Lad (Lass) fluttering her eyebrows and Aloysius sitting around looking nonchalant (it seems he doesn't want to go back in his gilded cabinet - ' it's more fun on the outside').


It seems Stable Lass and Stable Lad from the big house have become an item, hand-holding and all that!

AA says it's a bit embarrassing sometimes - all the canoodling and has pleaded to come with us when TS has rested for a few days.

He claims he will work hard and carry the bags of offerings we need to help us pass the landowners in the countries to the south. Tomorrow he says he will away to Poundland for the Jammie Dodgers and Vimto. He obviously knows a lot more than he was letting on originally.

Thus we will let him come. How can we turn down such honesty? It must have been difficult to come to terms with his situation, we cannot send him back down into that dark abyss. (Am I sounding noble yet?)

We rest for a few days then we shall sally forth across lands, seas and mountains. The offerings will placate chieftains and give us safe passage through their lands. When we finally reach the mystic healers of the far south they will mix medicines to cure TS, I a sure of it.

dozzer19 reckons when we finally return - it may be a few weeks - he will get himself back in training in time for Christmas parties. He hopes you'll be there with him, ocarina and all.

Here they all are -

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Nah, that's me next to Aloysius. I only seem to be holding hands hands with the Stable Lass because of the camera angle. She only has eyes, and slightly gormless smile, for Stable Lad in green. What about my new denims and Brylcreemed cheesy wotsit quiff. Pretty sassy, eh?


Empty Jammie Dodgers container.


Good luck Nobel Pinto in all your wandering around in Southern parts looking for The Cure for TS. Have fun. So glad Dozz has finally revealed himself ( in the nicest possible way, of course) Keep him safe, ration his access for JD ( for his own good ) and I'll make a start on the Christmas cake and learn a few festive tunes on the ocarina for when he returns :)


Nobel! Not just noble! You've awarded me a Nobel prize as well! This is too much, too much. I'd like to thank you all for your support through my travails. I will continue with my endeavours to rehabilitate dozzer19. Thank you also to the stables where I was brought....


Hahaha you cheeky pinto, mocking my spelling. You know you've got problems when a horse complains about your spelling!! :D :D


You mean there's no prize? No wonder my speech was cut short!


Oh no! You didn't go all the way to Stockholm because of a spelling mistake did you?? ;)


My travails certainly necessitate travel. We need to venture beyond the lands of the camel but can pass on a message if you wish.

Talking of disguises - has your poor pug had a disastrous accident? He doesn't look his usual self?


Ah so that's what she looks like!


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