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A new idea for a pinned post

We have lots of really interesting information that gets lost in the forum sometimes. I had a message from Notbad asking me to put some links up that had been popular and that got me to thinking that we could have a links pinned post.

If you read a post from someone that you think could be useful to everyone else you could direct message me With the link and I will put the link on the page.

I think it either has to be very relevant to the time or can't run without it sort of information. I think the post will only work if it's not too full,

What we don't want is to be trawling through loads of information to find one link.

I will do my best to keep it as tidy as possible.

So if I could ask you not to post below the "helpful links" post when I put it up that would help to keep it simple.

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Knee strengthening exercises. Helped me just complete my very first ever outdoor 5k.

Here is a link to the YouTube video:

Here is a link to the Google document of the video to download:

It works... Really it does.


The link to the runners world pace calculator that innodatruffe posted was really useful to me (and probably others).

Sorry , but cannot find it now.


I put it up on the quest this week. I will put the link up thanks for reminding me.


Brilliant idea ! once i find something useful, I will put it on the other post


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