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Running with a ball of fluff

Week 3 run 1 for my friend yesterday. And run number two for her little dog who came with us. He is a little Shiztzu (i think anyway, a white little fluff ball) I was surprised at his stamina being the short legged pampered pooch that he is. He kept up fine, he would fall behind us then suddenly make a charge on ahead passing us as if to say, I can do this easy, I'm just choosing not to. Run went fine, only a couple of failed trip attempts from the ball of fluff, we seemed to time it wrong though as we ended up finishing her first three minute run on the one hill on the route we use which probably didn't feel too great for her. Also discovered two people running on little wooden bridges isn't a nice sensation. The time seems to absolutely fly by when we run together. so proud of her for keeping up the running, she's doing fab and has just bought her first pair of size 14 jeans. So she's chuffed to bits. On the other hand I seem to be getting bigger. My size 14 running clothes were not giving me an attractive look at all. But that's my own fault, had a few stresses on (again ! in this rollercoaster that is life) and have been naughty with the red wine. Wasted calories. Silly girl. Got myself a hypnosis cd to try for relaxing and dealing with the crap that life throws at me instead of pouring myself a glass so will see how that goes. :-)

Had a lovely long walk with my dog this morning enjoying the fresh blustery morning. Lots of other dog walkers, the sun shining on the hay fields. Lovely.

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Lovely to run with a friend!


My doggy pal is injured so he can only manage a stumble round the block, bless im

I walk a pugzu sometimes and he's the laziest critter in Christendom, although he can shift when he feels like it

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Aww i hope your doggy friend recovers soon. The ball of fluff i just found our is a shiztzu bichon cross. Love the pugzu name. Must google that. I do love a cockapoo too. Lol


Sounds like good fun (except the wooden bridge :-O ), shih-tzus are so cute, as are bichons - a cross must be adorable.


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