Couch to 5K

Torn Intercostal Running!!

I waited like the Dr said and went running today. Thought I would do a nice slow 5K, minimum 3.5K and take it easy. After 2K rib started clicking and discomfort started to turn to pain. So took a brief walk break and felt immediately better. Managed another half K until same thing happened. Only 2.5K in rubbish time - pah!

Suppose I just have to be patient :(

On the up side, I got out

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Oh I_will , I feel your pain, well not literally , but you know what I mean . Injuries are sooo frustrating, it is like you have been given this wonderful gift, and then it is snatched away from you . You WILL get over this , just a matter of being patient and time, hope it isn't too long before youre back on track , take care :-) xxx


Thanks poppypug... maple syrup on toast helped a bit :-)


Oh yes ! Its got to be done :-) xxx


I'm doing ginger jam at the moment. Cor it's flippin fab. Great on banana loaf too. I made my own so it's classed as health food (it's not! Ooops)

Sorry to hear you have a torn intercostal ( I had to Gurgle to find out what one was) Ouch!

Nothing to be done except take things steady. If you can run a bit, or walk, it's better than nothing I suppose. Frustrating I know


Mmm to ginger jam! Hot stuff :-)

All these treats .... I'm sure I can feel my bum expanding as we speak!


Oh no I_will. Nasty muscle to tear. Hope you get on the mend soon. At least you got out though. I prefer peanut butter and jam


Nooooooo! Poor you m'dear. Thought you'd be waving the injury couch goodbye today. Well nothing for it but to settle down and sample all the lovely preserves people are making. I'll probably be back with you tomorrow. I'm intending to do the Parkrun. My first one (and possibly not the best idea I've ever had given the recent state of my knees) But I'm going to give it a go because it's there and because I can (unless it's thundering of course) Hope those pesky intercostals heal up soon :)


Ouch. Sorry to hear that.

Only got homemade cloudberry jam to offer, if it will help.

Get better soon.


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