Just completed a 5k run with a friend in which we tackled Mounts Fuji, Everest and Snowdon - I took short steps and pumped away including sharp, short breathing (spittle everywhere!) and at the end of it my friend said I sounded as though I was having sex with the amount and type of moaning noise I was making!!!! All I wanted to do was cry - it was absolutely horrible but I did it in 34.18 mins and all I can say is that it makes a difference running with a friend who is so much better than you and does nothing but encourage you. Still feel like crying so I'm going to have a shower to wash it all away.


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  • Tell her to add Ben Nevis into the route the next time! ;) On a serious note though, well done you. Hills are not easy they were my dread when I first started running. Watch that you don't start to breath too quickly though otherwise you won't get enough air into your lungs and will start gasping for breath. I'll bet you felt wonderful at the end of the run which was a damn good time too. :)

  • Well done and that is a great time especially for a hilly 5k as Oldgirl says just watch your breathing, don't want you feeling faint at the top of Mnt Fuji ;)

  • Great time - especially for a hilly run! You should be very proud of yourself. Well done. Personally, I like to save the hills for hill sprints rather than for long runs - especially in the weather we have been having lately! Short burst are easier than the sustained effort a long run takes.

  • Very well done. That's a hell of a pace for a hilly route. You should feel really proud :)

  • Really great achievement! Well done you. Don't cry. Celebrate!

  • Thank you for all the well dones - I'm going to pass them onto my friend who deserves a bunch of flowers! I need to get the hang of this breathing mullarkey - my friend kept saying stay on your toes and I just shouted back 'I'm on my @*&king knees!'.

  • that made me laugh !! but well done you, I am still scared of hills, afraid I avoid em if I can

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