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W7R2 disjointed but complete!

So week 7 run 2. Thought I'd follow Laura's advice and change things about a bit. I've had a few outdoor runs before but always on pretty flat terrain. I've deliberately been avoiding the hill near me that leads up to a beautiful park because it's a big hill (by my standards anyway). But I thought I'm bored of running inside and it's a beautiful morning.

5 minutes into my warm up walk and I'm already more out of breath than usual, but I push on anyway (this uphill lark is harder than I thought), slow jog uphill. Finally get to the park and start on the paths. Just after Laura's 5 minute warning I spot a park bench and the pull is too strong. Bliss for my feet but I'm disappointed - 5 minutes - what a wuss! So right now I have 2 options, one of which involves going home and eating cake. But I hate the disappointment of not having got through (I refuse to let myself use the f word). So I take a minute, then start again, slowly and steadily around the park (I never realised there were so many uphill inclines here). Round the paths, the tennis court, the children's playground with it's bemused looking toddlers. Past the morning walkers with their dogs, past a couple of sleeker faster experienced runner types, the ones that wear proper lycra thingies. Round the duckpond - ooh cute (but bemused looking) ducks, round the duckpond again, and again, and again. Enjoy the morning sun filtering through the trees. And before I know it, Lauras 1 minute left warning, the bit where she tells you to speed up, and for once I am (instead of thinking 'you have to be joking lady')! Finish but really felt like I could have run for longer.

So just one run left until I get to meet Julie! I'm so excited!

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Well done for sticking in there and not taking the 'cake' option ;)

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Thanks Paul - I think I just underestimated the hill to be honest. I might try building more inclines into my treadmill sessions.


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