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Shin splints?

Hello all!

Did first podcast of b210k last night (using one by Suz) so it was 10 minutes running and 2 minutes walking times 4. Felt good at the time and total distance running was 6.4k (turned app off when walking). Last night my right leg was sore, felt bruised along the front (shin bone?) so I iced it and put ibuprofen gel on.

Ok today when walking around but sore if I press it.

Does this sound like shin splints? Im resting today and will do same tomorrow if still sore (wasn't sore when actually running) but will be gutted if need to rest for ages!

Anyone experienced similar?

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Oh yes, had those.

I am not sure if that is technically a shin splint, though I have always believed it is. My osteopath diagnosed shin splints on me running up the inside of my leg from the ankle. He then proceeded to massage the tight and knotted muscle against the bone to get it out. Painful. A good reminder to myself to take it easy.

I think they are caused by 'over-doing it'. That old reason! I have had them when hill walking when I wasn't fit, and jsut went out and walked 15-20 miles a day for a couple of days without any training.

Ice is a good remedy, that is what I used, Then a bit of rest, then don't push it so hard. I had a got at B210K, and it is a step on from C25K, so you are working a bit harder.

Take it steady, and you'll be fine.

(Take it steady, Ice, and rest - seem to be the cure for all ills :-) )


Thank you! I've got some frozen peas on it so fingers crossed! It is right up the front of my left shin.

I find it so strange that I love running so much! Never thought I'd get to this point where I love it and don't want a day off!

The b210k is quite a jump I'm glad you said that as I was worried it was just me not able to manage!


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