Couch to 5K

Is it okay to walk outside or on the treadmill on rest days?

Trying to trust the program (w4r2) but realized I am doing less total weekly mileage when walk/running 3x a week than when I walked outside or on the treadmill 4, 5, or 6 x a week prior to starting c25k. Is walking on rest days considered cross training or will it impede my recovery? Thanks? (PS - LOVING the program).

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Yep you can walk as much as you like, I walk my dog everyday, best not to try speed walking but also why not use a cross trainer or cycle rather than a treadmill just so you use different muscles the idea is not to do impact work but swimming or a pilates class is also fine


I wear a Fitbit and aim at walking or running at least five miles every day. Perfectly fine!


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