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Great North Run for NSPCC

In a moment of utter folly I signed up for the Great North Run to raise funds on behalf of the NSPCC. To date the furthest I have run is 7km so I need to add another 13 and a bit to that to reach the finishing line in early September.

On the plus side I felt like I needed a new challenge because I don't feel I have progressed as I should since graduating.

If anybody would like to sponsor me for this worthy cause I have a fundraising page

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See you on the starting line :) my madness was in January when I signed up and got a ballot place, I've decided to use it for Parkinson's UK (I didn't want to be beholden to raising a set amount). It certainly does give you something to aim for, went out last night in the rain and ran 7.82 miles in 1:36:45, my furthest yet! Good luck with the training!


Thanks, I am enjoying the challenge of the run, never very keen on the fundraising though but if I can keep chipping away each week should meet the distance and the money. Perhaps we should have a C25K team :-)


Help For Heroes for me at GNR.

I started my HM training last night, though my 10k program took me up to 17k on the longer runs.

Good luck - maybe we should have a meet up in Newcastle :-)


Hi Matp another good cause, there are so many. looks like I'm a fair way behind you and lovefood at the moment. i'm not sure how practical meeting up is. this will be my first run at an event of this scale.


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