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Garmin question - again

I noticed with my dodgy eyes yesterday when I finished my run that my Garmin indicated a NEW RECORD! Not being able to read the darned thing I thought the upload would reveal all, but no such luck. Nothing, nada, zilch on the upload information. So I looked back on the watch at my running history and it came up with FASTEST MILE.

Is it normally uploaded to my Garmin Connect stats or does it just stay in the watch?????

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On my FR10 records appear on my dashboard on Garmin Connect once I have downloaded the latest run.

My gripe is that previous records for that distance then seem to be lost so I keep a manual record of them as it's interesting to see progress. If anyone knows how to get over that problem I'd love to know!

Well done on your new record!


Yes it would be good if they were still there to look back on but I haven't found a way yet. I just end up editing the run and recording it in the little info box. x


Mine come up on the dashboard too. You click on hide/show PR types and the distances come up and you tick whichever you want to be shown. Mind you mine don't show in quite the same way as they used to, maybe there has been an update or something? Anyway well done with your new PB mile! x


Righto, checked it out and lo and behold, clicking on Show Hide PR types and checked a little box and there it was. Voile!

Thanks peeps. You are so fab!


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