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Run Fit? more like Run Torture!

Decided to attend a training session with a Run Fit group (through local leisure centre) in the village last night to see if that would help me build stamina to complete week 8 (next run week 8 run 2) after moving my running outside a couple of weeks ago and not quite completing the run. WOW, it was tough, but I managed to complete each segment of the evenings session. Even took the lead place for a very short distance, when everyone had to 'change direction'! but slowly everyone overtook me, so I was at the back again. Some of the others have completed marathons, run 3-4 times a week and all have a lot more running experience than me, but the encouragement from them all was amazing, and I will go again. Next Monday, due to the Bank Holiday, there is no formal session, but we are still meeting up to 'do our own thing' round the local sports fields. it was tough, and was totally shattered when I got home, but this morning, I feel great and am looking forward to the next session already.

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Well done Caro. There's no imperative to keep up or anything so don't feel that you have to. They won't leave you behind, and someone will always fall back to run with you if you flag. It's just what they do without even thinking about it. I think they like to see new faces and they know what help they received and they enjoy supporting others in return. Good int it, and it does give you that push that you don't get running alone.

Keep on running Caro!


Wow, that is a great idea! Sounds like it was just the right level of boundary pushing. I admire what you did!


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