Couch to 5K


I had reached w8 r1 and have really had a set back. After w7 r3 I had slightly achey hips but by the end of w8 r1 I was in a lot of pain across the front right of my pelvis, in the inside of my right knee and the right side of my torso. I have rested for two weeks and it has decreased but it is still there. I have also put on 2lbs. Feeling really depressed as it was all going so well and I was seeing so many positive results. I have also been doing strength and flex and already have proper running trainers fitted as I am slightly knock kneed and my feet roll in. Has anyone got any advice or been through anything similar?

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So sorry to hear of your injury. It's really frustrating when you're making good progress then can't continue for a while, isn't it. I don't have any advice because I'm a novice compared with you (wk4), except maybe to suggest some gentle stretches and a trip to the doctor or a physio for some expert advice. Chin up and don't worry about a 2lb weight gain, that'll fall off when you start running again. Good luck!


As the pain has gone on now for a couple of weeks I can only urge you to see your doctor ASAP. It's not worth the risk of further injury. Hope it get sorted and you are running again soon. Best wishes.


I'd been doing some foam rollering which has helped and seeing a sports chiropractor tomorrow so hopefully will be able to complete the programme. I don't want to give up so near to the end.


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