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Trail shoes

Hi all . My question is this , I'm fancying running in woods now & again , so I have got some brooks cascadia from amazon latest version , what I'm wondering is this , I was told I over pronate slightly & purchased brooks adrenaline from sweat shop after a gait analysis ,for running on Tarmac am I right in saying I didn't need one for these shoes as all are neutral & will I do myself any harm running trails in a neutral when for roads I have to have a stability for ankle support ? Thanks for any advice

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I don't have an answer to this but want to know the same answer myself... :) I also slightly over-pronate and am looking for trail shoes. I'm led to believe they don't really have the concept of support / motion control options either, although I did see some New Balance 860v4 Trail ( shoes that said they were stability ones - I've not seen this on any of the other ones I've been looking at.

I'm waiting until I can get into Birmingham for a day for a look around a couple of bigger shops as my local shops around Worcester don't have much options - SD were hopeless with range/size and the local proper running shoes only had one set of shoes (Asics Fuji, I think) in my size.


Sweatshop certainly told me that the gait analysis was irrelevant for trail shoes. (I had one anyway and bought custom insoles.... which I wear in my everyday boots rather than for running and very good they are too) ISTRC I had a slight pronation on gait analysis. I run off road all the time (hence trails) and seem to be doing OK.



Thanks for your replys , after further investigation I've found out that you are ok with a neutral shoe as you need to be flexible on the trails , just come back from a lovely run in the woods in my new trainers , I couldn't wait to try them , my first run in the woods & I loved it . Lot easier on the old joints as well


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