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Flash Bang!


I am just back from the best run ever!! Not fast or long - "just" 5km and haven't even checked the time! it was raining and cold and I was hesitating going out as there was a massive hail storm earlier and even my Garmin was saying no as it took ages to find a signal but finally I was off! As soon as I was out the door running in fairly heavy rain I felt exhilarated! Then it started thundering! Wow! Just the feeling of being out in the elements was so life affirming ! I was just really appreciating the beautiful countryside I live in and how running gets me to see and feel all of it! That's what I run for- not to beat a PB (although that is also good) but to feel alive! Happy running everyone

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Sounds great - even with the rain! It's so good just to feel that sense of enjoyment.

Sounds great.....I'm yet to venture out in the rain, more of a fair weather runner lol


Wow, sounds like you really enjoyed that run! I love the rain and its great to get out into the countryside. Lovely x


I was dead nesh before I started running. I go out in all weathers now. Not keen on ice though I have to say

Well done Hules. Another 5k ticked off today. It seems a popular distance today.


An invigorating post. It's lovely to hear someone say they enjoyed a run because it makes them feel alive. A timely reminder that we do this for ourselves. Enjoy your future runs as much as this one. Best wishes.

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