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Shin splints or not used to exercise?

(In the voice of Dr Nick) Hi everybody!

I've recently started the podcasts & completed W1. I had a gait analysis on Saturday & bought some nike lunar glides, so tried them out on W2R1. Aside from the fact I nearly died from running for an extra 30 secs my shins felt a bit achey. On Monday I walked from work into town (maybe 1.5 miles) with a giant of a man & needless to say he walks much faster than me, so I had to haul ass to keep up. This in itself made my shins ache but I still did W1R4 (going to try to build a bit of fitness before going back to W2) but by the time I'd finished I had to hobble the cool down as my lower legs just felt really weak.

I accept I'm going to struggle a bit because I'm well overweight & while I'm active enough (2 miles a day to/from the train station) and a job which is mostly standing & moving it's not jogging.

The shin pains are still there a little today & I'm not sure about tomorrow's run yet but the question is do I have shin splints or have I just done too much? I sometimes get shin pain if I try to walk fast for a period of time but the original W1 was fine, plus I was hoping the new shoes would soften things.

Your thoughts are appreciated.


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Hi leebee! Shin splints can also be caused by not being used to exercise, so I will hedge my bets and say both :-) I'd suggest that you take an extra off day, make sure you stretch and as the muscles strengthen the ache should improve.


I had shin splints in week one but fortunately by week two they'd disappeared. There's an exercise you can do where you stand on stairs facing downwards with your toes over the edge, and lift your toes up and down about 20 times and that's supposed to help a lot, but mine disappeared by themselves. Don't run too fast, it should just be a gentle jog - your speed will increase as you go along.


You'll be fine, you just have new runner's legs. Just follow the programme exactly, doing the warm up walks and cool down walks as Laura tells you do to, have a days rest between walks, and as you progress through the runs you will find your leg ache a thing of the past. You're using new muscles for running that don't get used for walking. Walking though is a good introduction to running. I hope you get on all right with your next run. Let us know


Hey folks,

Thanks for the replies :-)

Just back from W1R5 & legs were better than R4. Still had a bit of a hobble at the end of the cool down but after a shower I'm not feeling too bad. Hopefully things will sort themselves out as suggested.

Can't shift this niggling feeling that the new nikes might be a large part of the problem but I'll give them a bit longer.




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