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Positive Thinking

Well I wasn't too confident about week 8.

Runs 2 & 3 of week 7 were really hard going. Legs ached, shoulders ached and I was feeling in need of an iron lung. It didn't help that I'd chosen a route which included running up steps. What was I thinking?? Gave myself an extra day off to recover.

So this morning set off on a nice uncomplicated route around Frank Sidebottom country and I found the 1st run of week 8 easy going.

I know it sounds daft but you just have to believe you can do it.

We can all do it .

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I feel ya on the week 8 and you are soooo close to finishing the program way to go!!!, but you did it..Awesome!!!! and no it doesn't sound daft...that's true you have to believe you can...I just experienced that this week-end, as I am doing the c2-10k, As of 2 weeks I've been finishing up with 3miles...on Saturday I decided to ditch the program for that day and jog on my own because I wanted to step outside the box and I jogged 4 miles..it wasn't easy but I believed in me and guess what I did it!


Hi vmister

Yes if we believe in our abilities we can do this. Well done for embarking on the c2-10k programme. I know you're going to do it.


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