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How necessary are rest days?

Hi, I'm wondering about the rest days. Logistically, the only days I can go out at the moment are Fri, Sat, Sun. So I did Sat, Sun last week, then yesterday, and then week 2 run 1 today. If I go out tomorrow, and then not again till Friday, will I undo all the good I'm doing by waiting so long between runs 2 and 3, and then going out 3 days in a row? (My work situation will settle down in a couple of weeks, and I'll be able to space them out more evenly, I hope)

Lots of thanks

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The rest days are recommended in between to allow your body time to recover.

I would stick to them if you can but up to you and perhaps if it is only for two weeks you may be fine.

If you are concerned about your fitness on non-running days you could try the NHS Choices Strength & Flex podcasts which can be completed indoors in case that is more convenient.

Good luck with your running.




Very! Your body needs to recover.


Thanks to all.

Time to recover - or what? Does it make the possibility of injury more likely? I wasn't completely inactive before starting this - lots of walking and swimming (though, again, this month, no time, and childcare issues). Anyway, I'll see how it pans out. Will try and swap a few things around if poss, to make a midweek run a possibility.

Thanks again for replying.


I was a big walker and swimmer as well. Unfortunately running uses completely different muscles and they are quite raw when you start running, so need to be treated with a lot of

TLC. Hope you manage to fit In The extra run. Good luck.


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