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After C25K: Is a rest day after every run still necessary?

I see other runners running everyday, with just one rest day in an entire week. So can I step it up now?

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Be careful when stepping up your training. Why not start with 2 days off per week and see how it goes, but always try and have a rest day after a speed session, your body really needs time to recover



since I graduated a couple of weeks ago I have upped my running to two days running in a row then one day off , so far with no ill effects I will keep that going for a few weeks and then maybe add another day into my routine. I think the key is to increase it steadily to avoid injury .


I was wondering about upping my training days before I read your question, Rach. I'm toying with doing something a bit like ladybugw and running on Monday & Tuesday, resting Wednesday, then running on Thursday & Friday for 4 - 6 weeks and see how I go before I think about increasing further. There may be a little weekend run snuck in occasionally too.


As long as you don't increase your total weekly mileage by 10-15% each time you should be ok. But be aware of your body and if there is any sign of overuse injury then step it back down a bit.



Thanks everyone for your advice. :) I guess I will pick up incrementally - a day or two more at a time..


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