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One knee in pain day after first run

Hi, did my first run this week which was great, but the next day i had sharp pains in my inner right knee. i think this is because my right foot rolls inward considerably (had weird insoles for this as a child) and am going to get gait analysis and proper advice on the best trainers. Does anyone have advice on anything else i can do to help this problem?

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I think when you start running for the first time you ache! It's a natural response as you're using unused muscles, so they protest. Running in suitable shoes is important so getting your gait checked, and proper shoes, will sort things out. Once you get into the routine of your runs on alternate days the aches will go.



It's probably good to get a gait analysis but pop to the physio. I have problem with my cartilage and I can run but not Jog... Makes no sense but... Running should be a smooth motion no bouncing. That is all that was causing the issue. I waited too long to check it out and had to stop and strengthen the muscle above the knee and now I'm starting again.



Thanks for the replies both. I don't mind aching but this was stabbing pains and just didn't feel right. I have now got some really good advice and gait analysis and got what I hope is a decent pair of trainers ( I wont buy any other clothes/ accessories til i'm really into it but I think decent trainers is a must) and I was amazed by the difference I could see on the video in the decent trainers. Mustgetthin, how did you strengthen your upper leg muscles specifically?


I was told to do various levels of squats from small faster squats daily to 90 degrees holding as long as possible (until you feel like your legs will give way building up to 10 reps a day). And... Lunges forward and side. as you are already training I would do strength on alternate days to the running. Hope this helps


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