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Another run done

Yipee, W5R2 completed this morning. Its nothing but hard and I had the perfect excuse not to go out this morning but somehow WP took over and off I went in the dark. Managed both 8 minute runs and have got over the hurdle of last time I attempted this program and stopped just as I was about to start W5. Its amazing how it makes you feel when you get back home and the sweat is pouring off you (sorry!) but you can sit down to breakfast and say " I went for my run this morning and it feels good ". Just hoping the knees and hips hold out but they are less sore as time goes on which is a blessing. Onwards! Happy running everyone.

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the endorphins kicked in for you by the sounds of it!! Great going :) Knees and hips will prob keep getting better as the muscles in those areas strengthen with all the running you're now doing


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