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When can I run with posterior tibial tendonitis?

I have been diagnosed with ptt after months of arch pain in my left foot. I thought wrongly that it was plantar fasciitis. I have had a steroid injection in my big toe joint and am waiting for some custom orthotic inserts. When can I begin running again? I was up to week 8 of c25k for the second time when the pain began with intensity. I have been very frustrated as I enjoyed the running so much and was feeling so good. I am wondering if I should begin by walking for short periods and increasing the time as the pain in my foot lessens. I don't want to irritate it though. If anyone else has had the same experience do let me know. Many thanks, Beth

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I guess your diagnosis was from a podiatrist? If so, they should be able to give you exercises you can do at home (maybe with an elasticised band) to gradually develop strength. And advise you on exercise. If your GP diagnosed you, I'd get advice from a podiatrist who works with sports injuries. You could maybe find one by asking at a local running-shop. Good luck! I thought I had plantar fasciitis too, but it turned out that I didn't - and 'trigger point' massage by a podiatrist (only some are trained to do this) made my arch pain go away immediately.


Thanks for your response - it's very helpful. The diagnosis was from an orthopaedic foot specialist. I will call my own doctor and ask her about some exercises and maybe some physio. It's actually just nice to know I am not the only one out there with this and that hopefully there is light at the end of the tunnel.



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