For those, like me, struggling with speed

I recently graduated, and although I can run for 5 k and I can run for longer than 30 minutes I am struggling with improving my speed.

Yes, I know I have improved since week 1 as I can run comfortably at 8 km/h (started running at 6.5 km/h when on a treadmill) but I have to push myself really hard to run at 8.5 and 9 was only a dream (it felt too awkward, fast and uncomfortable and only managed short runs of less than a minute). I have been doing the speed training once or twice a week, but did not feel much improvement until…..

I found this website and decided to give it a go.

What can I say? Well…..Result! First time I tried I managed to run for 3! Whole minutes at the magic 9 km/h speed. I am adding a little more every time and today I managed to run for 10 minutes non stop! This is after a 20 minutes warm up jog as described and 6-4-3 incline repetitions. The best thing is that I found it really easy to do, and makes the training on a treadmill somehow a bit more interesting.

It is working for me, so I thought should share

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  • Thanks for this notrunneryet. Have read the link twice as it all sounded a bit complicated the first time! I will try this in a week's time when I will have run the 5k ((managing 4.8 at the minute).

    The inclines sound fierce, but I guess that's the point isn't it? Once you do those then the last bit should feel easier!

    The treadmills I use stop after 60 seconds, so I think I'll just walk rather than jump off (also someone else might jump on in the meantime!).

    Will let you know how I get on.

  • Inclines look worse than they feel (a bit like the length of the runs in C25K :o). In any case they are over in 20 seconds, so all of them are doable. Do not forget to stretch, I think that is the key. At the end of the workout my legs are not wobbly at all. They feel strong and relaxed. So try to stretch for 20-30 seconds while you stand on the sides and walk for the remaining until your recovery minute is over. Otherwise you might overtire your muscles

  • Thanks for the advice. Looking forward to trying it.

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