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W1R2 things I have learned

My upper thigh was so sore after my first run that I gave myself an extra rest day, did lots of yoga, and used ice packs. This morning it felt fine, so I though I'd give it a go.

This time I used the podcast, slowed down when doing the running bit, as I think I was over ambitious last time, and used my ventolin inhaler before I set off.

My leg was fine when I was running, and I didn't run out of puff, in fact I managed a brief chat with the postman whilst running! Have done lots of post run stretches this time, and feel Ok. So far. Fingers crossed!

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well done eebahgum you are doing really well, I am a newbie too and I also have slowed down when doing the running bit - I was also being a bit too ambitious with my running speed too lol. The best of luck to you for week 1 run 3 x


Thanks good luck to you too x


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