Was Hard But Finished Week 4!

I found R3 of W4 the hardest of them all. If I didn't already know I could do it from the previous 2 runs, I might have given up. But I kept telling myself that the pain of not finishing was worse than the pain I was in at the time! It worked but was tough. I was feeling under the weather last night so that probably didn't help. Feel much better after the run though!

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  • It's definitely a mental battle I find. I always seem to feel great after a run though, and I'm losing a few pounds too, so I just remind myself of this when I'm feeling the urge to collapse in a sweaty heap on the pavement!! Well done Ruth, onto week 5! :)

  • Yes well done Ruth. Running when you're under the weather is really hard.

  • Well done Ruth, great effort! I'm off for an early-morning Saturday start to week 5 in a minute, so may spend the rest of the weekend in a sweaty heap on the floor! See you over on the dark side (the week 5 posts). Well done again!!

  • I have been away for a few days but just wanted to say thanks for all your encouragement! Because of my mini holiday I was a little late starting week 5 but run 1 was ok!

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