Couch to 5K

Any support appreciated

I just downloaded the podcasts and am charging up my iPOd shuffle.

I think I'm going to start tomorrow (Thursday), then do second session (Saturday), next on Monday. Then start doing Monday, Weds, Fri as my regular days.... that's if I can manage it!!!

I am soooo nervous. MY forays into trying to run/jogging haven't been successful in the past. I think I give up too easily.

I weigh in at 17 stone 9lbs and am 5ft 6inches, so I am carrying quite a bit of extra weight. Anyone had success going from this sort of weight/height before??

Also... am going away on 25th September for 2 weeks. Want to take my run gear with me. I just got to keep motivated... and that's a problem with me.

Any tips on how to keep the motivation up?


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First tip - good shoes!

Second one - relax and find a steady pace you can maintain. It's not a race!

Third - motivation is right here, on the blog with your community. Tell us each time you do a run. If you have a problem, someone has been there before and can offer advice.

Good luck, go for it, and let us know how it goes!


Thanks Deb54!

I've got some good running shoes - big tick!!

Will try and relax and not beat myself up if it's hard

Will check in tomorrow and let you know how I get on.

Thanks for your support :)


You will be great, because anything is better than nothing :-) I was/am a chunky monkey and I'm on week 8 so you can do it. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow, good luck.

J x


Welcome. There seem to be lots of us carrying quite a lot of excess weight and yet achieving longer and longer runs.

I started at the end of July and found following the program very motivating as slowly I improved. I have also had lots of encouragement from fellow runners on this forum. So get running ( or plodding in my case) and keep posting.

Have a great first run.


It's the forum that keeps me going - that, and not listening to my gremlins telling me I can't do it!

You'll be surprised at what your body can achieve when you rid yourself of the internal moaning of your brain begging you to stop! Trust in Laura, and go really slow :) x


I am currently 18 stone 4 and I am doing my graduation run this weekend. Weight is no barrier, just be careful with your knees. If they complain, take more rest days. But don't give up!! they will get stronger slowly.

As others have said, this is the best place for motivation. If you have a bad run, just put it behind you. Everyone has them, and the vast majority of people report that the very next one is one of their best. Just keep going. The improvement in your health and fitness will be noticeable after only a week or two. And if you pair it up with a sensible eating plan, the weight will drop off you (I was 19 stone 10 when I started running and thanks to this, and cutting out junk food and fatty stuff I have lost 4 stones since March)


Hi there. This forum is great for helping with motivation - there's always someone who's been there & done that if you have a problem, and members on here are great at giving encouragement, advice & support.

Also, you'll find that you will see progress very quickly and that is motivational in itself.

Like Narmour says above, if your knees complain take extra rest days. I was carrying too much extra weight when I started and regularly took two day breaks for the sake of my knees. I'm pleased to say I'm steadily losing fat & building muscle thanks to running (and to eating more healthily). Not sure how much actual weight I've lost, but my clothes are starting to get much looser!


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