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Ouch my legs

I think I may have shin splints. My last few runs my lower legs have started to hurt but today I could run no further thatn 10 minutes. The pain is travelling from the side of my lower legs to the front. If I press into the bone it really hurts. Now if it is shin splints what shall I do? I am so disappointed as I am battling with runs since graduation and now this. I am using Nike Air Max to run in, which are not new, but then again have not been used for much until doing C25K. Would gettng new trainers help?

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Maybe, maybe not!

I have suffered on and off with shin splints throughout the programme, the biggest difference I have noticed is by paying more attention to the surface quality I run on pavements so I have hunted down the most flattest best quality stretch of pavement I can and run there! I watch where I am running (tree roots etc). Stretch, look up stretches for this area online, trust me they help! Leave at LEAST one day between runs, this muscle isn't used to being worked out so be gentle. Hope this helps x


Thanks. My legs have never done so much exercise. I am going to call it quits this week and head down to the local running shop to look at better trainers/running shoes and hope that helps also. I normally leave it 2-3 days in between but they still hurt, literally straight away.


It might be worth getting gait analysis done so that your running shoes are as supportive of your running style as possible and should help reduce the likelihood of injury.


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