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Mini Everest - How Does it Look From Up There

I have sorted of equated the C25k with climbing everest.

When you start it often seems impossible to think of being anywhere near the summit of running 5k or 30 minutes.

Just getting to the next plateau seems a challenge enough.

After a while though you start to understand how to progress and that the route mapped out by sherpa Laura seems to be getting you there even with the odd obstacle on the way.

I just wondered if this is a familiar story and wether the view at the top is worth the climb or is it cluttered with green badges ?

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It's definitely worth it. The view is glorious!


That's what I had hoped to hear.

Well done for getting to the summit. Hopefully I'll be doing the same in a few weeks.


It's a remarkably satisfying view, and all the other green badges up there are very friendly. It's also nice to look back down the trail and shout encouragement to those on their way up :)


Thanks Anniemurph and very welcome it is too :-)


Totally worth it - for the self belief if nothing else!

Every week I expected failure and that's not like me in any other area of my life. Every run was tough in its own way but the sense of achievement keeps you going.

Not all of us achieve 5K in the magic 30 minutes but once you can run 30 minutes its no so hard to push that bit further to get there.

I look forward to just putting my trainers on and getting out there now - it's great! :-)


Thanks and well done on graduating. It must feel like a big sense of achievement.


Definitely worth it! Getting my green badge was one of the proudest moments of my life. Having never been fit (I was the original fat kid hiding in the loos at PE) it was an enormous revelation to me that I could achieve at any physical challenge. I was more proud of my graduate badge than of my real degree graduation! Hubby couldn't understand what all the whooping was about as I logged in as saw it there in all its glorious greeness! It still gives me a thrill to see it a year later. Good luck! :-)


Thanks Pingle and well done on graduating.

Never has a small green logo on a screen been so desirable :-)

Definitely motivated to get there myself.


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