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Started a blog about weight loss and why


I started the C25K a couple of days ago- I'm trying to lose weight for my sister's wedding but I'm also raising money for charity while I'm at it. The idea is I lose as much weight as is healthily possible by August 10th and people donate to the cause, which motivates me no end, since my success means more money will be raised for a good cause :)

You can read about why/how/what/when etc. at:

And donate here:

If not, good luck to everyone here, anyway! Remember:

"The miracle isn't that you beat anyone else, it's that you had the guts to start!"

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Hi Xirokia, welcome to C25k :)

That's a brilliant idea, good luck with it! It might be worth noting though that a lot of people don't lose weight or lose only a little on C25k because you tend to lose fat and replace it with muscle. I weigh exactly the same as I did when I started but I'm a size 12 instead of a 14 (and still shrinking). If you're dieting then you may lose weight but you might want to factor inch-loss into your blog as well :)

There are a lot of posts on here about weight loss that you might find helpful, you can search for tags to make it easy to find them.



Thankyou for the welcome and I totally understand that- but about two months ago I was at 12.5 stone and I'm 5'1 so you get the idea of just how big I was! I was also a smoker, ate a lot of rubbish and was on crutches (had been knocked off my bike!). This is a huge health kick for me- it will no doubt lead to me having a much longer life! So it's not all about losing weight, but if I'm going to get healthy, I've no doubt I will be able to lose at least some weight- as well as tone up :)- and others might as well benefit!

Either way, it'll be nice to bounce about without getting breathless!

I will have a look around for some weight loss advice, while I'm here and thanks for the advice!



I agree with Cazvs about not losing weight. Muscle will develop and that weighs more than fat.

If you are, ahem, a bit flabby [and many of us are], then you may achieve this goal, but if you are reasonably trim to start with you may not actually lose any weight at all. Can you change your brilliantly named poundsforalb to include a dress size or inches? Keep the great name, but change it so that people have the option of going for the dress size or waist size as well?

Lastly, good luck, I hope you raise shed-loads of money, and enjoy your running. All the best for your sister's wedding.


Ha, thanks for the compliment! I should be able to work a new title.... how about Measure for Measure? I am a Shakespeare geek, after all :D


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