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The weather!

Looking back, I was pleased I'd started the Couch to 5k plan during the cold winter months as it was a welcome boost when the weather started to pick up. I'd run in some horrible conditions (Blizzard, Icy, strong winds!) so a bit of warmer weather was lovely.

But I went out for a run last night and the Sun beat me down with every stride! I ran a similar distance to runs in the past, but I was exhausted at the end and really feel drained this morning!

Bring back the cool air and rain please! (just from a running perspective you understand!)

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Ah, ashton, a runner after my own heart! I've never been a 'sun' person, I find it draining and tiring so even the slightly warmer temperatures we had back in April nearly did for me! I almost collapsed during one run, after about 4k!

I am finding it tough at the moment and have no idea how I'm going to cope when (if!) we do actually get a summer! Maybe lots of shorter, slower runs will be the answer, just to keep ticking over until autumn!! ;-))


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