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Last night I did w8r1 and had to use my head to get rid of the gremlin on my shoulder saying I couldn't do it. It was when I got home I discovered where he had come from. I had run faster but I did it: so 25 minutes 3.9 km means over 4km at the end of next week. Yes!

My other motivation is that I ordered my graduation t shirt and it arrived in the post yesterday. I can't put it on my back until the end of next week so I'll hang it up where I can see it to remind me how far I have come.

Anyone just starting out remember, if an overweight 52 year old who has never run in her life before can do it, so can you!



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Go on Nicola !! - 4k is a massive achievement so a huge well done on making it this far.

Am starting to feel that my little gremlins are starting to take off the gaffa tape which I gagged them with in W4 - but I'm determined to be bigger than those little guys.

Happy Running


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