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Week 2 Run 1... Done

Well I started this last week as my attempt to get fit and lose a bit of weight.

I found the first week quite difficult but settled into it nicely remaining focused that she will soon say walk!

Today was run 1 of week 2 and I found it really difficult.. the last run I struggled to lift my legs of the floor atleast I know what to expect for runs 2&3.

It's great having this site to read other peoples experiences :)

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Well done for starting! I downloaded the podcasts a long time before I actually got off the sofa! The program is really good and if you just follow it you'll be amazed at what you can actually do! Good luck for your next run. :)


Well done, for starting and for sharing your early experience with other new runners! :D

Just as long as you allow your body to rest and strengthen between running, you can be assured that you will be appropriately prepared for the next stage. The programme is good like that! And, if you need to, don't worry about taking two days rest - much will depend on your state of fitness whe you started ... sometimes you may need a little extra time. Lots of luck with your next runs. Take care, Linda ;)


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