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Wind rain and me

I did run 2 of week 5 last night in the pouring rain and wind, it wasn't pleasant but I did it!!

Two 8 min runs went well, struggled for last 4 mins of the second run, but I did it!!

I'm so pleased I'm this far into the programme and even more pleased that I haven't and won't give up, I'm dreading the 20 mins but I believe in Laura

Hope everyone has a lovely bank holiday weekend :-)

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You can do it! Trust me. I was on run 2 this morning but was really naughty and carried on through the 5 mins and ran the entire thing just to see if i could. If i can do that, then you can too! Its not too bad. Just trust that what you have done so far will prepare you. Also before I tried this I also read somewhere that people had said try to think of it as 2 x 10 mins. You have done 2 x 8 mins so its only really 2 mins added on to each bit. You will be ok!!


It isn't that bad. Honestly. I dreaded it too. Turned out I really enjoyed it. And didn't like going back to the intervals afterwards lol when you get a nice steady rhythm going you seem to get 'in the zone' lol good luck for your run. You can do it. And enjoy the high afterwards. Its the most rewarding of the runs. so far anyway :-) think of that great feeling you get at the end. Good luck c


Motivation is key - if you are motivated to go out in windy, wet not so nice conditions - you are determined to complete the run. Just trust the programme and it will all fall into place.

Good luck and happy running.xx


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