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Running Life Hacks

What is a Life Hack you may ask? A Life Hack is a clever idea or item that makes your life just that bit easier. I have recently come across some that were running related so I thought I would put them here.

1. If your headphones have a long cable, wrap it up and use a small hairclip to shorten it. (Apparently ladies can pop a trailing headphone cable under their bra strap, I haven't worn one yet to check this though)

2. For a handy ice pack, pop a wet sponge in a sandwich bag then stick it in the freezer just before you go out for your run.

3. If you have breathing difficulties, try slathering vicks high up on your running top/chest before you head out.

4. Dry out sweaty trainers by sprinkling them with salt.

5. Freshen up stinky trainers by filling 2 old socks with baking soda and popping them in your trainers when they are not being used

If you know any others then please add them!

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I use those little bulldog type clips from the garden center that are designed for clipping the stems of plants to a stake for my excess ear phone cables. I also tuck the cable down under my t shirt and clip iPod onto waistband.

For my Parkrun Barcode I put it into a clear sandwich bag, cut to size and cellotaped the open ends down. (haven't got a laminater).

Reply You want to get one of these tags to tie to your trainers, you'll never forget your barcode again. Also, I like the fact when I am out on a run in my own its got my ICE contacts on there


Great ideas!!!! We keep a water bottle frozen in the freezer. This works great to roll a sore foot on after a run. May need to give the sponge idea a go on other areas. Gayle


Love the idea about the excess ear phone cables, I am frequently being attacked by bits of tree pulling my MP3 out of my pocket or my ear phones out of my ear.


If you wear your phone/iPod/MP3 player inside an armband holder - the long cable can be taken up through a sleeve and hidden under a t-shirt before exiting at the neckline just below the ears! That way there is nothing for twigs to grab hold of, or swinging arms to dislodge!

Have now popped sponge in bag in freezer :)

Love the idea for printed ICE details to be kept close to the body too - too frequently lately have felt like expiring! LOL

Finally, those very lightweight, flat fabric, zip purses on a waistband (found on travel accessory carousels in supermarkets etc - cost pennies) are just big enough to store a mobile phone, door/car key, tissues and ID/ICE details - and are smooth enough to sit on your waistline tucked inside leggings, jogging bottoms, shorts etc as necessary.


My youngest son wears a baseball cap quite a lot and now I know why. He has an iPod nano which he clips to the cap, ear phones have very short cable which tucks into cap. Very neat and tidy, must ask him where he got ear phones from.


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