Audio fuelled right up!

Hi all - haven't blogged recently, ashamed to say haven't been managing thrice weekly runs either (mostly twice a week though).

Having tried all 3 of the c25k+ podcasts (I realise I need the structure) I decided to investigate further AudioFuel tracks and did the 22minute interval run yesterday and really enjoyed it - great coaching and felt fantastic sprinting. In fact, It felt so good to be out in the sunshine I decided to check out how Laura is and did strength and fitness week one workout too!

Huge respect to the 50x50ers - keep up the great work!


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  • Hi Amanda

    That's really good to know, can you download them as podcasts? Like you I really need the structure and something to work towards otherwise I see myself getting lazy! And well done it sounds like you are doing brilliantly. ??I've only done stepping stones so far and I'm planning on stamina tomorrow.. Eek!

  • Glad you've found something to help you along, I love audiofuel, think they definately help especially with a steady pace.

  • Love those Audiofuel Interval podcasts, although haven't done them in a while. I Think I'll do that tomorrow!

    I know it's not really a structure but I try my hardest to stick to the following plan: -

    Monday: Rest

    Tuesday: Leisurely 5k

    Wednesday: Intervals

    Thur: Rest

    Firday: Fast 5k

    Sat: Rest

    Sun: Long slow run (8k+)

    It kinda keeps me on the straight & narrow :)

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