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hi guys,im new here im a copd sufferer was diagnosed about 5 years ago my lung capacity on my last test was 50% which terrified me hope your all well keep warm and well.im on a diet to lose the weight lost 21lb so far with 112lb left to lose.

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Marc my breathing capacity this last time was 50 without inhaler and 60 with. This last time it was 50 without 66 with. It had went up with inhaler this last time. I use proair inhaler as rescue and I have nebulizer i use about 6 times a day it's albuterol. Plus I use spirva and advair. I've had it 9 years. I"m on oxygen 3 liters 24/7 I have 0 energy. But I also have other health problems 6 years ago I got lung cancer stage 3 in lympnodes. I had a lobectomy left side which didn't help my breathing capacity. I did chemo for six month's turned down radiation..I'm now a six year lung cancer survivor. I hope you loose more weight because it will help with your breathing. I have had a problem with smoking I haven't been able to quit completely. Are you on oxygen and what treatments are you on. I'm afraid I'm going to. Choke to death Yes it's scary but try not to get anxious it only makes it feel worse. Good luck losing weight it will help. Love susiejo1948


hi susiejo,thanks for your lovely message im on incruse ellipta 55 and symbicort and a blue inhaler ive lost 21lb and aim to lose another 112lb and to start to try n walk when it gets warmer keep well n warm this winter keep in touch xx


Sorry you need us, but glad you found us.

If you smoke, do your best to quit. Do your best to avoid exposure to second hand smoke, and anything else that seems to irritate your lungs. I am glad that you are working on losing weight, it will help you feel better.


thank you.


Yes you'll get there and feel better for it

Try swimming everyday

Works well for me



Hi Marc my weight7 stone 8lbs lost my accessment for transplant referral due to severe bmi just can not increase my weight referred to dietitian for help duff

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Hi I was diagnosed this year . Live in uk I am on spirvia and symbicort . Seem to keep catching colds and chest infections no idea why as I try really hard. Hope we can help each other


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